Unveiling the Spirit of Python
Deliverance & Discipleship
The Birth of the First Annual Deliverance & Guidance Program:

          Paula Cross has spent ample time working with those that reach out concerning the dominion of darkness in their lives, but found it impossible to teach everything that must be learned. And she realized, just as her own deliverance was a process, this was also the case for her subscribers. Paula wished there was a way to provide ongoing guidance, prayer, teaching and support for those dominated by the spirit of python. Unfortunately there are far too many to work with one on one. And for most, there's a lifetime of wrong programming and alignment with darkness that needs undone - which doesn't happen overnight. So, after five years of not knowing how to thoroughly help those dominated by darkness, God finally showed Paula the solution... and that's when the Overcoming Darkness Journey Program was born. It provides 30 years of teaching, intense scriptural clarification, revelation, and supernatural experiences along with weekly guidance and prayer emails for more than one full year. 

          There are far more than 100 topical teachings and discussions, many of which share practical application as well as Paula's personal encounters with God. You'll discover things not readily taught by the Church at large. And you'll receive direct guidance into who you really are in Christ - and out of the dominion of darkness. All you need to do is spend fifteen minutes here and there, a couple times per week, reading what Paula teaches; and then work with God on incorporating the truths into your life. Because becoming one with God's truth DEFEATS the powers of darkness! Though Paula was trapped in cycles of defeat despite belonging to Christ, though the enemy prevailed against her and made it look as though God was "absent", the Holy Spirit taught her one on one many of the countless ways darkness strategizes to keep God's children not only at bay and powerless to overcome, but even oppressed and hopeless.
Ebooks & Deliverance
Super Bundle

The following eBooks are included in the Deliverance Super Bundle:

  • The Spirit of Python Unveiled
  • ​The Spirit of Python's Greatest Deception
  • Why Binding Python Does Not Work
  • ​Is the Spirit of Python Making You Sick
  • Why Casting Out Demons Is Not Working
  • BONUS eBOOK: The Fate of America

*Paperbacks and Reviews are available at Amazon.​

The books provide the why and what behind the origin of the spirit of python. A good deal of information is here at this site concerning the symptoms and strategies of the spirit of python on the "python info" page, but the books greatly expound upon these as well as convey various experiences Paula had where Holy Spirit led her out of python's grip. 

The Deliverance Program, however, includes these experiences as well but also far more ample, practical hands-on applicable teaching concerning many false teachings in the Church and so much more. 

If you get the eBooks only, you'll surely be enlightened and well on your way to overcoming! However, the Deliverance Program provides weekly guidance and prayers on top of all the added teaching that the eBooks do not contain.


It has been a challenge for Paula to determine how to charge for the culmination of all of her books and the deliverance program - as there are years of work involved, expenses she has accrued to make it all happen, and she is the only administrator of her websites, responder to emails, and other ministry obligations.  Paula's sincere goal is to get the material into everyone's hands. However, this ministry and writing are her work. So, at present there are two ways to purchase materials:

       1)  Click Here if you want all the spirit of python eBooks as well as the Deliverance Program - $79.95. 

     2)  If you do not want all the eBooks, there is a promotion at the Overcoming Darkness Journey Program site where you can choose what you want to pay for the program. This is so those who cannot afford the full price can pay what they can. This promotion is until September 2019.