Yes, there ARE many teachings on the spirit of python.  And while they all revolve around the same bottom line - all the information is so vast.  That's why I felt it was time to compile it all, to the best of my ability, into a nice, clean summation page...

But first, feel free to refresh yourself with some of the best resources on the spirit of python, his tactics, traits, and characteristics I've personally utilized over the years:

The Holy Spirit VS The Counterfeit

1) Points the way to the Christ
1) Points the way to false gods, false religion, idolatry and AWAY from Christ

2) Is the Comforter
2) Promotes FALSE comforts (self, idolatry, co-dependence, addiction, etc)

3) Gives guidance 
3) Give FALSE guidance - into snares and destructive lifestyles and cults

4) Endows whom HE pleases with HOLY spiritual gifts for the edification of the body and deliverance of the world from darkness
4) Endows whom he pleases with false powers (sorcery, witchcraft, voodoo) for the tearing down of the body and cementing the world in darkness

5) Gives divine utterance (via tongues or words through the prophets)
5) Gives FALSE utterance (psychics, diviners, unsuspecting saints)

6) Unveils/illuminates/teaches the mysteries of scripture to those born of His Spirit
6) HIDES the truth of scripture - does everything to keep us OUT of the Word by distractions, oppression, authoring confusion or mental fogginess, sickness, lethargy and apathy

7) Lifts us up, puts a spring back into our step, refreshes, invigorates 
7) Weighs people down, depletes them, wears them out, oppresses

8) Convicts us of sin - Unctions us to return to holiness
8) Promotes, undermines, waters down sin - says it's okay

9) Gives direction, dreams & visions which train, equip,or lead us into our purpose
9) Thwarts the direction God wants us to walk in by sending us down wrong paths

10) Gives divine revelation, wisdom, knowledge, etc. which promotes Holy Kingdom truths and blesses the body and the world
10) Gives FALSE revelations, false wisdom which promotes dark agendas and leads us into deeper despair and farther from God

11) Authors miracles, healings & blessingswhich solidify/demonstrateGod's love and truth
11) Steals miracles and healings and thwarts blessings to make God look like a liar or like He doesn't love us as much as He truly does.Performs false miracles



 W H O    D O E S   T H I S   S O U N D    L I K E ? ? ?
The Spirit Of Python!

All this to say - there IS a counterfeit of the Holy Spirit (which is named the false prophet in Revelations 13 - because the false prophet's job is to point the way to the antichrist just as our Holy Spirit points the way to Jesus) and he has clearly taken on the name "Python". All the demonic workings discussed in the above youtube videos outline the very things the counterfeit of the Holy Spirit would do to UNDO and DISMANTLE the work of the Holy Spirit- to take the very power and life He breathed into us!  Therefore, it is clear...The spirit of python IS the counterpart of our glorious Holy Spirit! 

In a nutshell, the 'way' the false prophet took on this namesake was via a very famous snake shrine called the Oracle of Delphi in ancient Greece.

Now... what is important to ask is"Why all of a sudden does it matter WHO the spirit of python REALLY is?" Well, because I believe if we understood who he really was we would become ADAMANT about overcoming and removing him from power! 

We must realize that the spirit of python is not like Jezebel or witchcraft. In fact, these powers work FOR Python, not with him. Yes, Python has a bunch of "uttering" snakes all over the place, too, but the truth is, ALL the minions, from the spirit of jealousy to the spirit of pharmacia to the spirit of Jezebel and witchcraft - they're all working together to deplete the breath of life from believers and the Gospel as a whole!  Especially for those who pose the greatest threat against darkness ~ which I believe the minions can detect even at one's birth ~ which explains why the empire works more diligently at squashing some folks over others.

I think it's necessary to identify who is really behind this "spirit" so that we'll stopgetting bent off isolating particular, separate works and magnifying all the different areas he's working against us  and see that EVERYTHING these minions (who are a part of what I call OPERATION PYTHON)are doing revolves around one primary agenda...To usher in Satan as god over all the earth (via the antichrist). If we'll come to understand this, we'll see the WHOLE of what Python is doing, we'll be better on the alert AND we'll do better at cutting Python's head offfrom our individual lives first - and then, once unified,the corporate body's.

Yes, everything is about shutting down the church, causing division, disunity, strife, lethargy, apathy, etc., to dismantle the power of God, to dismantle the people of God. And if you are a person who desires to make a difference for God, the empire of the false prophet is set out to stop you along with every other light bearing soul and ultimately, every EFFECTIVE, TRUE, and potentially DANGEROUS church of Christ on the planet! And he is also responsible for polluting the world with the inundation of idolatry and self-seeking mentalities, all the false religions, and even all the spirits of religiosity within the Body! It's all the counterfeit of the Holy Spirit.  And we need to realize it, unite, and wise up to how he has had minions working in each of our lives personally so that we will close the doors he's been accessing us through for years, reject them, and bring it all under the Blood. It's time for believers to be free and victorious for real.  Not just in word, but in DEED.

I must add one more detail....

Teachings declare to us what the Word says, that we have the power through Jesus to tread on serpents.  But this is only true when we apply the REST of scripture which demonstrates that if we are willfully walking in sin, we are not walking in the authority of Christ.  So... please... Don't start confronting the spirit of python if you haven't secured the authority of Christ in your life first. Being saved brings Christ into us, but if we are not LIVING IN Christ and walking in the truth of scripture, we dare not presume to use His authority to apply just a few of them!

The good news is through true surrender and submission, by the power of the Blood and complete Word of God, the false prophet IS COMPLETELY POWERLESS AGAINST US!  The problem is... we get saved but most of us still don't understand who we are in Him, don't comprehend Who He is in us, and fail to be transformed by the Word! So, how can we effectively presume to HAVE Christ's authority?  THAT, my brothers and sisters in Christ, is the HEART of our problem. When we fix it, Python is void of power.

This is where my teaching comes in. If you are a Christian who does not yet walk in the authority of Christ for reasons I just mentioned, please consider reading my title: The Spirit Of Python Unveiled.
Spirit Of Python Videos below:
Jentezen Franklin
and Tyler Jernigan.
The Holy Spirit:
The Counterfeit ( Python ):
The Holy Spirit:

The Counterfeit ( Python ):
Are you...

  • Going in the same circles you have for decades
  • On a financial rollercoaster
  • Surrounded by invisible walls of interference
  • Wondering how you can go on living like this

Do you...
  • Have an anointing
  • Have dreams and visions from God
  • Feel called to ministry
  • Feel like everything you put your hands to is cursed

If you said yes to most of the above, the spirit of python likely has dominion over your life. The question you've probably been asking is how this could be since you have been born into the Holy Kingdom of God through Jesus Christ.

Most people who come here are looking for answers as to how to put this snake out of their lives. The problem is they do not understand who the spirit of python really is. Yes, many are teaching how to recognize his influence as well as his tactics and strategies.This is imperative but if we don't understand who the enemy in question is, are we able to put him out completely?

You might ask, "What do you mean 'who the spirit of python' is? He's one of Satan's minions, one of his workers of darkness".  This is correct. But what's his rank?

Let's compare the dark kingdom's army to the military. Those in the military who are out in the field actually implementing assignments of an effort are mostly the privates, corporals, and sergeants. Sometimes the lieutenants and captains do leg work as well. But on the higher end of the order, you have the majors, colonels, and "generals"which are the organizers and strategists who oversee and instruct the lower ranking personnel. The dark kingdom's army is much the same which means all the attacks, interference, and maneuvers implemented by them are done by lower ranking minions. They are assigned to do x, y, and z. The troubles people experience are the x, y, and z's at the hands of these minions. But the minions are not the organizers nor are they the strategists. These minions are simply carrying out their assignments and orders.

Now let me ask where you presently believe the spirit of python ranks because It seems that he is of lower rank since he is the one who comes in for the kill - to constrict, to suffocate slowly, through various strategies. He's the one throwing the grenades, so to speak. While this is correct, the problem is we're only concerned about these low ranking snakes. The question is who is the one strategizing and giving the orders that these little snakes and all the other types of minions are implementing? Another question is why does it matter where the top orders come from? Especially since, ultimately, it's the devil in charge of the entire dark kingdom.

It does matter. Let's look at another military analogy. If the military advances into a territory, they are attacking and doing damage, but when they "occupy" is when the regime has control. The dark kingdom works the same. The low ranking minions are forever attacking and doing damage and many people have died at the hands of these "privates". But the situation is different and worse if the regime occupies and takes control of the territory. The privates aren't necessarily trying to kill you now, just control you... where you go, who your relationships are with and their quality, if and when you work and how much you make, how functional and healthy you can't be, how happy you can't be, etc. It's a completely different ball of wax.

 What most people teach on concerning the spirit of python is how these low ranking snakes attack and it is important to understand what all has been taught, absolutely. The problem is nothing is being taught to those whose lives have been taken over, or "occupied" by the regime. For those who are occupied, their lives are dominated, not just attacked. These are the people who go in circles, are forever oppressed, can't ever get ahead.

This is why it is necessary to identify who is in charge of the regime so that the king pin and his entire system can be torn down. Look, if soldiers of a regime who've taken over your country are stationed in your home and daily implement assaults to keep you at bay and powerless but somehow you outwit them and escape, have you obtained control of your territory? Is your battle over? No. New soldiers (snakes/minions) are assigned to regain control of you and implement the next assault. 

Paula Cross discovered by the power of the Holy Spirit that despite being a believer and servant of Christ for years she was dominated by the spirit of python. Not just randomly assaulted by minions, but an empire run by the spirit of python was occupying her territory! Over the course of two decades, Paula had dreams and visions from God which ultimately showed her how Python was able to rule her and also what it took to come out from python's control. Then in 2009, God put it altogether in a most extraordinary way.

Today Paula is free from the dominion of Python and is eager to teach what she knows to those who've known the same despair and hopelessness. But she is concerned that all the teachings presently out there are incomplete because they only convey how to keep from stepping on a land mine and win the battle with the soldiers. People are only partially equipped and remain under the power of python going in the same battles despite all they've learned about his tactics thus far. That's because Python is not fully threatened by what is presently taught. He knows when a person figures out how to resist the current snakes and minions, he can just send more. Only next time they'll be bigger and more difficult to contend with; he's always one step ahead in the war! And it will be a never ended battle because nobody realizes to go after the spirit of python GENERAL.

It is Paula's passion to reveal this so that believers can experience true freedom finally - and permanently. Presently, her book is available to help expose the full truth behind the spirit of python and she is working on a new website dedicated to thorough teaching and support for people who are where she once was. The new website will have audio and/or video teachings as well as applicable prayers for one's journey out of the grip of python. Please check back soon to watch the progression of the website. You can visit by clicking here. 

Paula Cross

Once dominated by the spirit of python but now free, Paula is driven with passion to reveal the truth to everyone whom God has chosen but is mysteriously ruled by the spirit of python like she was.
The Holy Spirit:
The Counterfeit ( Python ):
The Holy Spirit:

The Counterfeit ( Python ):
The Holy Spirit:
The Counterfeit ( Python ):
The Holy Spirit:
The Counterfeit ( Python ):
The Holy Spirit:
The Counterfeit ( Python ):
The Holy Spirit:
The Counterfeit ( Python ):
The Holy Spirit:
The Counterfeit ( Python ):
The Holy Spirit:
The Counterfeit ( Python ):
The Holy Spirit:

The Counterfeit ( Python ):
The Holy Spirit:
The Counterfeit ( Python ):
Pastor Jentezen Franklin's Book on THE SPIRIT OF PYTHON...
Python Blog Link:

More Profound Info re:  The Spirit Of Python...
Python Info

of the 

  • lethargy
  •  cycles of defeat
  • hopelessness
  • poverty
  • inability to prosper
  •  a sense of powerlessness
  • a sense of suffocation restriction or constriction
  • foggy mind
  • lack of focus
  • lack of ambition
  • aimless
  • sense of paralyzation
  • indifference
  • apathy
  • weariness
  • suicide or thoughts of
  • isolation
  • depression
  • inability to pray
  • inability to worship

Strategies Python 
uses through the people in our lives beginning at our births to make us susceptible to being driven into the above states of condition:

  • repetive rejection
  • belittling spirits
  • controlling, rigid spirits
  • intimidating spirits
  • manipulative spirits
  • condescending spirits
  • critical, squashing spirits
  • not being loved
  • lack of affirmation
  • not being believed in
  • being despised
  • being disappointed in
  • not being valued
  • neglect
  • abuse
  • (verbal/sexual/emotional)
  • (mental/physical/spiritual)
  • repetitive loss
  • repetive violations
  • repetitve injustice
  • repetitve trauma
  • repetitve destruction


The body of Christ at large is the target because the goal is to keep the Kingdom of God from manifesting in the earth.
However, the chosen who,
if they discover
 their destiny and 
become empowered
 by the truth 
of Jesus Christ, who will cause extensive damage to the
kingdom of darkness, are the hottest targets. Python goes on triple duty against such threats. And just who are these threats?

The anointed

The hearers

The seers

Most likey,

               .... YOU !!!



‹After all your research, you see that...
When the Spirit of Python has prominent ground in anyone's life, including and especially the born again believer's, he is successful at:

a) keeping us from praying and worshiping
b) putting out our fire for God
c) luring us into isolation 
d) causing us to 'feel' hopeless and defeated
e) trapping us in poverty or hindering us from prospering
f) luring us into self destructive behaviors or lifestyles - suicide
g) causing us to doubt or not comprehend God's personal love for us
h) causing us to doubt the Word of God and the promises He has for us
 i) causing us to be ineffective for Christ - loss of anointing
j) keeping us going in circles, getting nowhere with life
k) causing us to feel lethargic, indifferent, and apathetic about life or God
 l)causing us to always feel rejected and violated, etc.
m)causing us to feel small, inadequate, incapable, inferior, insecure
n) causing us to walk by fear and not by faith, leaning on our own understanding
o) causing divisions in the body of Christ and marriages
p) thwarting or delaying us from walking in our purpose and call
q) dominating us via the hurts, bitterness, and pain that he heaped on us
r)keeping us wrapped up in our problems and less attentive to others
s)convincing us that God doesn't care or that it's His will our lives are a mess
t)  etc.

All of this, if not REALIZED and brought under the power of the Blood and cut off,will slowly kill us by constriction - suffocate us - will drain the life out of us and keep us disconnected to the manifest TRUTH of God's promises and power!!!

How is it this singular dark force has so many attributes which are affiliated with so many types of evil workings/assaults?

Because this singular dark force is
aka: Counterfeit Holy Spirit

What?  Who is the false prophet? He's not supposed to come on the scene until the end when the Antichrist takes bodily form!  Wrong!  These two beasts which are spoken of in Revelations 12 and 13 have been here all along.  The Lord showed me that just as the spirit of antichrist has been infiltrating the systems of earth since the Garden of Eden, the false prophet has, too!  But still, who IS the false prophet?

Well, if what Satan does is a counterfeit to ALL that God does, and the first beast in Revelations is the spirit of antichrist which is Satan's counterfeit of the true Christ, then, you got it... the 2nd beast must be the counterfeit of the true Holy Spirit!

Now consider this:  What are all the characteristics and 'jobs' of the Holy Spirit in our lives? Next, ponder for just a moment... that if there were a Holy Spirit COUNTERFEIT, would he not have the complete opposite characteristics and 'jobs'?  Would he not be on a mission to imitate all the Holy Spirit does but in a dark way that pulls us away from truth instead of INTO truth where the Holy Spirit is always guiding us?  Let's review the following points:

       Pastor Jentezen Franklin provides a solid foundational understanding of the spirit of python. He lays out that the Spirit Of Python is the ANTGONIST or ANTITHESIS of the Holy Spirit. No, he never mentions (so far as we know) that this antagonist is one and the same as the false prophet as does Paula Cross. It seems more so that he interchangeably refers to python as Satan, actually.  Especially where he illustrates that Satan, in the Garden of Eden, was a serpent/snake. Regardless, his teaching clearly suggests that the spirit of python is not a random demon, rather would need to be a high power like a prince or general set out to remove (squeeze out) the power, life and breath of Holy Spirit from God's children and the corporate body of believers.  Small demons do not and could not oversee such a profound mission. Especially considering this is a singular, overarching endeavor.  So, clearly the one appointed by the devil to oversee this massive mission who most certainly must be a top dog in the dark kingdom, is known by man as "Python". 

       Just who are the two top dogs under Satan which are referenced in scripture?  They are the spirit of antichrist and the false prophet.  We understand the antichrist is the antithesis of Jesus Christ. Who, then, is the antithesis of the Holy Spirit?

       It is therefore highly probable that the false prophet took on the namesake... Python.  And since this is what Holy Spirit downloaded to Paula Cross via revelation, she believes Him.

What is the DIFFERENCE between Jentezen Franklin's and Paula Cross' books on the Spirit of Python?

If you watch the video below, you'll see that Pastor Franklin lays out a solid teaching as to python's bottom line goal to squeeze the life and anointing out of believers and even Christian groups where the anointing is always necessary. He points out that python works diligently to move in to interfere whenever believers or ministries attempt to expand their territory or move further into the deeper things of God.  And he touches on some of the aspects of what it takes to break python off such as praise, prayer, and worship - as these promote Holy Spirit and His anointing. Pastor Franklin conveys, "Reading the Bible is breathing God in and praying is breathing God out".  He is adamant that the key to any ministry or walk with God is walking in the power, anointing and breath of God.  Everything in the church and believers lives that functions outside of the anointing and power of Holy Spirit is just empty religion. Clearly, the pastor's book provides an excellent foundational understanding of the spirit of python. It is paramount that the corporate body comes to understand Pastor Franklin's teaching.

Pastor Franklin explains that when struggles and problems surround someone, this is a sign that they are under spiritual "attack". He also teaches to watch for other warning signs that you're under attack such as a loss of spiritual desire, praying less or pulling away from Godly relationships and replacing them with ungodly ones. And he teaches it is time to break python's power off of believers by the power of praise and by the Name of Jesus Christ. 

​​Paula Cross essentially teaches these same truths, however, as one who was under the "dominion" of python as opposed to an "attack" (or series of), Paula has been taught by God that there are often times more things going on with certain believers that go beyond the foundational teaching outlined above. Paula Cross is a living example of one who fought the battle with praise and prayer for decades but remained under python's thumb. It was definitely through her praising and prayers that she was routinely resuscitated from the vicious cycle of defeat and injustice which impacted her ongoing - not just when she tried to expand her territory. Expanding her territory was never attempted... Starting her ministry was not yet conceived... Starting her business was non existent which is what compels python to attack those who are already productive and experiencing freedom.  Rather, she was stuck in a dark cocoon of ongoing interference that intended to keep her from tasting the fruits of the redemption Christ availed to her.  Paula's praise and prayers didn't break python off of her due to the entangling depth of the hold he had on her since her birth. But the praise and prayers, thankfully, served to keep her alive and carry her through the intense journey out of python's grip.

It is Paula's contention that the majority of the body of Christ would do well to read Pastor Franklin Jentezen's book because it is enough for the majority. The majority aren't dominated and don't experience peculiar, incessant let downs and injustice at every turn. If they apply the truths Pastor Franklin teaches, boom, they soar. But there's a remnant of believers who, for some reason, are more than just attacked - they are and have BEEN dominated long before they ever even knew Jesus Christ as their personal savior - since birth.  

Paula never understood why, with her ambition, hard work, intelligence, etc, she was trapped for decades in a life of struggles - DESPITE her sincere walk with and obedience to the Living God which included passionate worship and prayer. But Holy Spirit opened her eyes to understand the spirit of python's role in it all in 2009.  And it goes beyond attack... It's about dominion.

This is what is different about Paula's book.  Paula conveys the whole picture more broadly as to Python's mission as well as how and why certain people like herself are brutally targeted and how he maintains a solid grip even while living a life of praise and prayer to the Lord.

Paula is certain that the Name of Jesus Christ is sufficient to the tearing down of the mighty hold python has over the children of God - even those under severe oppressive dominion. But Holy Spirit revealed to Paula that unless certain things within the person are exposed, recognized and brought under the blood, there's an unknown conflict within the believer whereby they are not wholly submitted to Christ's authority and this actually empowers the spirit of python in their lives.

One key element discussed in Paula's book is idolatry.  Briefly, many of us want to love God with all that we are - and Him alone. But God showed her that we have subtle, sneaky idolatry hidden within ourselves, such as one's desperate passion to climb the corporate ladder. They may be working for a Christian company, even, saying and doing all the right things, but they don't realize they love this more than God. They are oblivious. Another example is a single mother's desperate longing for her Christian husband and father for her babies. This is an excellent desire, even God's desire for her. But sometimes the desire is a love affair that means more to the person than God.  God is a jealous God and He is fully aware when we love something more than Him.  And so is Python. It's idolatry and Python is empowered by idol worship - as was the literal case at the ancient Oracle of Delphi - which is additionally laid out in Paula's book. Regardless, we're oblivious to our subtle idolatries and unfortunately, idolatry gives ground to Python. Period. 

Another element discussed in Paula's book is Python's strategy to move in at one's birth to crush their spirit by routinely assaulting them at soul level. The soul becomes twisted and mangled in pain and doubt that God even cares. Later when the person comes to Jesus Christ their Savior, despite knowing in their mind that God loves them, the secret recesses of their soul just don't get it.  This provides Python PROFOUND ground and ability to interfere with their life.  And until the tainted belief system in the soul gets exposed which simultaneously exposes where python has the hold, the believer unintentionally has one foot in God's Kingdom and one foot in the kingdom of darkness.  Praise and prayers won't break the power of python off of such people until their soul's come out of agreement with python and into agreement with what their hearts and minds believe concerning Christ, His love and His promises.

Pastor Jentezen Franklin's book will serve well as a baseline teaching for those who have been dominated by the spirit of python as Paula once was.  However, those who are dominated, primarily at soul level, need the additional points Paula Cross conveys in her book, The Spirit Of Python Unveiled.


         The Spirit Of Python is a high power - not a random snake/demon/minion - whose position is over the body of Christ at large. His assignment is to keep God's children from operating in or coming into the manifest power of God. He does this by orchestrating his forces very strategically against every individual who received (or will receive) Christ, every group, church and ministry large or small, and the entire corporate body as a whole. The goal is to hinder those who are God's from realizing and implementing God's authority and power to whatever degree or potential they are meant to.  If they already HAVE realized God's power and are walking in His authority like Paul was in Acts 16:16, then the spirit of python strives to slither INTO that person's or ministry's life by acquiring ground and gradually crushing the life and anointing of God out of it! 

           Python's assignment is to gain legal entry and ground into the believer's (or ministry's) life through false beliefs, idolatry, doubt and unbelief so that he can hinder God's destiny/purpose for that individual or group/church.  This means he hinders that person from realizing their call and anointing and their ability to possess all that Christ availed - and it means squeezing the anointing out of already effective vessels. It means that the ground he acquires gives him the ability to thwart, skew, hide or veil anointing, revelation, truths, blessings, provisions, healthy and quality connections and relationships, opportunities and most importantly God's love and passion for us.  These are all different depending on the ground the spirit of python acquires in the person's or ministry's life.

        That's the abbreviated summation - the bottom line over all.  A more intricate detail and the reason the Paula Cross Ministry exists is not only to reveal the above, but to help those who have been pursuing the all of Christ yet find themselves going in circles with python's role in their lives. Paula believes that the believers who are in this (sometimes) desperate condition have been more strategically targeted because they are seers. Seers, when they come into the manifest authority of Christ, can do excessive damage to the dark kingdom. Since Paula Cross has begun ministering to this group of struggling believers, she has seen that EVERY SINGLE ONE of them who reach out to her from around the world through this website have DREAMS & VISIONS & HEAR THE LORD.  She has also seen that the ones who reach out in desperation for deliverance that EVERY SINGLE ONE of them ALSO has some sort of doubt or disconnect from the love of God at soul level. Their heads KNOW the truth and their hearts fully embrace it all... but their souls are so dreadfully manipulated and taunted by python and they don't comprehend the love and truths of God at that level.

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