Prayer Against Python
Please listen to the teaching and prayer video provided below on this page concerning the DISMANTLING of the SPIRIT OF PYTHON in your life!  
Dear Brother or Sister in Christ,

        Look... No matter how dark it has been and how many times you've prayed for deliverance from this oppression in your life without seeing results, you need to lay that all down before taking another step because it is irrelevant. What matters is that God has exposed how and why the spirit of python has been able to prevail against children of the Most High God such as yourself. And now He's directed me to take authority over the fortress that python has set up against you in your life! The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon me to preach this good news to you. The Lord has sent me to bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim FREEDOM to the captives and RELEASE from DARKNESS for the prisoners. 

              It is no coincidence that you are here. Whether you've already read my material or not, today is the day the spirit of python and the dark fortress set against you is being addressed in a way it never has been before! And you will go forth seeing the evidence of this as you believe that it is so.

        Please listen to the teaching and prayer audio below and walk away from it prepared to establish your resolve with what is made known to you. And as you do, the spirit of python will be dismantled once and for all!!! And remember, it's all according to your faith. So, take this truth, OWN it, and RUN with it!

God Bless You!

In Christ's Love and Authority,

Paula Cross
!!!  IMPORTANT  !!!

  • Your FEELINGS are IRRELEVANT. If they are contrary to God's Word, there's a DEMON trying to get you to open a door!
  • Be ALERT to ALL negative thoughts and feelings and desires  - Take them ALL captive and make sure they match God's Word. 
  • These "thoughts" and "feelings" have been active in you for years so the feel REAL and RELEVANT but they aren't.
  • LAY THEM DOWN. All that matters is what God says. Decide who you will honor... Your FEELINGS or God?
  • Know that Satan creates the "illusion" that God is not there, caring, etc. So, disregard everything that goes on around you. It's irrelevant and immaterial if it conflicts with God's Truths and Kingdom reality.
  • In order for GOD'S KINGDOM to be your MANIFEST EXPERIENCE & REALITY you must stop bowing in distress to the scenes Satan paints and instead stand on the fact that the only thing that matters is  that GOD IS ON HIS THRONE LOVING YOU AND HAVING GRANTED UNTO YOU THE POWER TO OVERCOME EVERY WORK OF THE DEVIL!
  • Be diligent to work with Holy Spirit to RESIST the devil in the heat of the moment, REPENT for it, RENOUNCE your affiliation with it, and close the door to it. 
  • Ask Holy Spirit which weapons to put into your arsenal (which scriptures speak against the lie or deception).
  • Now that the fortress has retreated and is standing down, ask Father God to illuminate EVERY point of unbelief and deception within you as well as any other sin such as idolatry, pride and subtle unforgiveness that is difficult to detect. You have asked Him such things for years, yes, but now that the blinders and barriers have been torn down around these hidden areas, you will be able to see what God has been trying to show you all along. Simply let Him know you're ready.


                       If you are experiencing demonic manifestations over and/or in your body, as you listen and begin to "comprehend" this teaching here, the demons will act up trying to distract you. Understand that they are only able to act up because of the platform they presently have according to where they have you in unbelief or deception. And FEAR is a huge door. They have tormented you for so long because you haven't understood in your soul that God's power defeated them. They are ONLY powerful because your inner man hasn't received the revelation of this and you fear them more than you comprehend God's victory over them. So, as you are now getting closer and closer to the revelation, they will act up. BUT DO NOT FEAR. Realize they are just a bunch of noisy, annoying, but POWERLESS tormentors.  And then keep going! God is with you. It seems they are the only ones there but that is NOT true. God is right there! Your guardian angels are fighting the demons right this moment. So, don't tie your angels hands with FEAR and doubt! Help your angels out by BELIEVING in God's authority over the demons!  SEE into the spirit realm right now and SEE that Jesus is RIGHT THERE! See HIM and His angels that are right there. You say, "Well, if He is right here, why doesn't He DO something to help me?"  He is! He is using me right now to tell you to ACTIVATE HIS POWER AND REALITY BY BELIEVING HE IS THERE AND MORE POWERFUL! SEE it! Own this truth right now! Look at Jesus and His eyes blazing against these dark powers but look how they are saying, "You can't make us leave, Jesus, Son of God! He/She doesn't believe You overcame us! He/She doesn't even get that You are right HERE!" .......That is why Jesus sent Holy Spirit to reveal this very reality to me so that I could tell you!  And Jesus is standing there WAITING for you to resist and lay down your fear of these minions and SEE HIM with CONFIDENCE that He is FAR MORE than all these tormenting spirits! So, press in... Jesus is in you! Greater is HE!!! Own this! And study these truths declaring them out loud to yourself until you comprehend it in your inner most being! You will be free if you BELIEVE!  Let God show you how they've got your belief system twisted. Let God show you where you have granted them access.

                            If you have done all of the above already and the demons are STILL manifesting, there may be a curse through the forefathers or something from the occult or a satanic event that you may have participated in knowingly or unknowingly at some point in time. ASK FATHER GOD to REVEAL THE DOOR through which these demons have access! And wait expectantly for the answer. God is eager to let you know! Then you can bring it under the BLOOD OF JESUS and CLOSE THE DOOR. 

Spirit Of Python Teaching & Prayer Video