by: Paula Cross

    When cancer comes on a person, it’s an illusion. When there’s no provision for food or whatever, it’s an illusion. When people are abused, rejected, hated or looked down on, it’s an illusion. When our bodies are broken down and debilitated due to years of toxicity, neglect and malnourishment, it’s an illusion. When a person dies before God’s appointed time, it’s an illusion. When our circumstances are in destructive, hopeless chaos, it’s an illusion.  

    Am I saying all these things aren’t really happening but are imagined? No. They are really happening. But BELIEVERS who are still barricaded in their mind’s eye who are convinced that Satan’s implementations, limitations, abuse, sickness, let downs and struggle are what is normal, relevant, and more expected OVER how GOD says things should be for His CHILDREN are living an ILLUSION. It’s an illusion because the believer’s experience is not in accordance with God's dynamics. Hence, Colossians 1:13. It is clear. If we look at the fullness of the Word of God, we would understand that believers no longer need to accept, embrace and live in the dark, false reality that opposes what God intended! By FAITH in God and WHAT HE SAYS, God’s REALITY manifests and the barricade that programmed us to be disillusioned out of God’s intended reality… is destroyed!  Amen.

    The books have no words, only black and white pictures. A different book is provided once every week. At first the candles are pre-lit upon arrival and the first book shows pictures of how to light the candle with a match. One of the candles is made to burn 24.25 hours precisely while the other three burn 16 hours. The pictures show how to place one candle in each corner of the room. They also point out the need to shower daily and things like how to put food on the plates like the ones provided, how to use which utensils for what, how to clean up by washing the dishes afterwards, and how to put all garbage into a bag and then into the crate the next day. Not that their memory loss means they won’t quickly realize on their own what the bathroom or plates are for necessarily. The book just serves as a guide.
    Your parents don’t know each other or even their own names anymore. They will have to become accustomed to living in the dark as well as grow to love one another all over again. Over time, they fall in love, cleave to one another and give birth to you. Yes, the books showed your father pictures of what to do to deliver you. Supplies are provided accordingly.

    Gradually the books begin showing selective pictures of other families in the same situation as yours. The pictures are always dark and depict confinement and limitation. The same limited food varieties as well as the drabby furniture and linens are shown. The pictures often times depict strife, anger and depression. Then other times they would even demonstrate wickedness and abuse transpiring among the family members.

    Now here you are… Born into and growing up in this darkness where all you know and comprehend is limitation and confinement. It’s normal. Hopefully you don’t also know the abuse and wickedness some of the books depict. But you might. And this would be counted as something to be expected and normal as well. Fortunately you and your parents have very basic, minimal provision and you confidently believe it will always come as it always had since the first day your parents awoke in this darkness. However, the thought of a different flavor, color or style never even crosses your mind because it’s just not possible. Your barricade made it seem this is all there is. In fact, though your life is suppressed with the darkness, you’ve become quite acclimated to it and you never even consider that more light outside of your four candles possibly exists. It is beyond your imagination. 

    Meanwhile, DIRECTLY outside the cement cave walls that barricade you and your family, there is a brilliant hillside lit up with sunshine just about every day. There’s fresh rain water, oceans full of life, animals of every kind, mountains, radiant flowers and majestic trees of many types… There are billions of people, many of whom are laughing and rejoicing with each new day. There are children rolling around in the grass with puppy dogs and kittens kissing all over them. There are waterfalls cascading over cliffs. There are all sorts of bountiful fruits and vegetables that you’ve never partaken. There are banquet tables full of the finest delicacies you never knew existed. There’s such a thing as clothing for the body with all sorts of bright colors you have never seen! There’s glorious music and exquisite art everywhere people turn. There are many designs and styles of furniture and all sorts of other things you have never even been exposed to. And so much more. Yes, indeed, right outside of your barricade there is a smorgasbord of wonder, beauty, goodness and delight! And you have no idea.

    Unfortunately, your barricade has created the ILLUSION that there’s no such thing. It’s non-existent as far as you are concerned because it has been hidden from you. Your perspective of reality has been severely tainted and skewed by the limitations you live. You are programmed by the barricade to never hope, to be confident in the limitations and worst of all… to be comfortable in the dark! What you know is your truth, your reality. Yet, it is a FALSE REALITY. It is an ILLUSION! Oh, what you experience is real. But it’s not the INTENDED, true reality. What you know is NOT what was SUPPOSED to be as is evidenced right outside your barricade. The reality you are experiencing at the hand of the barricade that has you believing that darkness is greater than light… that seclusion and limitation is all that is possible and that perhaps even abuse, inadequacy and pain are all common, expected, normal parts of life… is all an ILLUSION.

    Colossians 1:13 says we have been rescued from the dominion of darkness and transferred into the Kingdom of God’s dear Son. 

    Since Adam and Eve fell in the Garden, Satan has been prince of the air here on earth and has been creating a false, alternate reality from the one God intended. The Bible tells us God made all things good and for man to dominate. If sin and darkness hadn’t taken over the earth there would be no sickness, no lack, no discord or abuse, no oppression, no hunger or famine, no natural disasters, no crime, no jealousy, no pride, no political agendas, no dictatorships, etc. In fact, everything would be beautiful and wonderful in our world. Everyone would love and serve one another. And best of all… We would still have fellowship with God like how Adam walked with Him in the Garden! We would KNOW God and FEEL His love completely! We wouldn’t wonder where He was or “IF” He was. We wouldn’t try saying the universe exists as a result of some random explosion. No, we’d be too aware of and connected to His presence not to mention His Majesty and Holiness! THAT is what God INTENDED life to be like for us. 

    But that’s not how it is, is it? No. Instead the earth has been barricaded by a spiritual blanket of darkness which dictates and implements all these dark dynamics such as sickness, lack, abuse, crime and more. It especially skews our perceiving and comprehending the presence of the Mighty Creator and His profound love for us. In fact, all these false implementations into earth’s reality ultimately program us to doubt that God is around, aware or even cares. 

    Fortunately, Jesus, Mighty God in the flesh, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Master of the Universe, the One Who IS, Who WAS and Is and is YET TO COME back (yes, that Jesus) came 2000 years ago to die and be raised from the dead in order to override the legal ability for darkness to force its dynamics upon believers with no way out such as the cement cave accomplished above. God’s Word teaches us to believe in Him and walk by faith. The Bible specifically tells us to not go by what we see but in everything acknowledge Him (Proverbs 3:5). God wants us to put our confidence in what He says – Who He is, His absolute love for us, His plans to prosper us and NOT harm us, His power made available to us to the tearing down of strongholds, etc. He wants us to NOT place our confidence in the charades the devil creates. God wants us to not believe we are still SUBJECT to and PARTICIPANTS OF the dark reality which is CONTRARY to the LIVING GOD'S KINGDOM Reality. The devil implements sickness but God says He healed us. The devil implements lack but the Bible says God is our provider and to trust Him. So, should we continue in this illusion embracing and operating within the parameters the dark kingdom dictates when we have been transferred OUT of the that kindom? Should we continue to put our confidence in the devil’s implementations and suggestions or should we choose to believe God and have FAITH in ALL He says no matter what the darkness is doing - so that God's GOOD reality can then MANIFEST in our lives?
    Are you a disillusioned believer? Then please...Snap out of the illusion and believe GOD’S reality! I get it, God's Kingdom dynamics are not very visible here where Satan is still prince. Satan's kingdom dynamics are what's the norm and are what's mostly implemented. But if we'll come out of the illusion, FORGET what's going on around us in this world and BELIEVE what God says ONLY and take every thing the devil says in opposition to truth CAPTIVE, then God's Kingdom reality and all its benefits, promises and goodness begin to take physical formation in our lives! 

    Sickness, fatigue, depression, rejection...Take these garments of the dark kingdom off! Put on the garments Jesus gave you when you first believed. That's what they are for! But you have to choose to wear them. If you don't, you are still disillusioned and partaking of the dark kingdom. You know, Jesus died but if He had not come up from out of the grave, this would have kept Him as one affiliated with and under the influence or power of darkness! But He DID rise and went forth demonstrating the VICTORY! So, just as He did, choose to come up out of your dead, carnal, Adam-cursed existence KNOWING that as citizens of God's Kingdom we are no longer subject to the other kingdom's system and dynamics. If you do not, you are both belittling and insulting what Jesus went through on the Cross to provide for you. And that's the bottom line of it all. 
All you know is… 
Lord, Please use this teaching to bring Your Bride into vibrant, divine, Holy Kingdom Health and Vitality! In Jesus' Name, Amen!
Did you grow up in the dark?

Truth is... just about everyone did.

That is unless they were of the minority who...

  • Believed In Jesus as Lord and Savior AND
  • Knew, understood and walked by faith​ AND
  • Experienced the blessings and promises of God AND
  • Knew they didn't have to tolerate dark kingdom crap

Please read this much needed teaching:
by Paula Cross

  Let’s say that before you (an only child) were born, your parents’ memories were wiped out and they woke up naked one day in a 30x30 foot cement room with zero doors and windows. It is equipped with a bathroom with basic supplies in one corner, a dinette area consisting of a table, chairs, sink and very basic, dull supplies in another corner, a double and single bed in the third corner and a living room area in the fourth corner where there is a single couch as well as some un-extravagant, old exercise equipment. There are no lights except for four candles that are supplied through a crate that comes down from the ceiling daily. Other necessities such as toiletries, fresh linens and towels (all the color gray), books and basic, minimal food for the day are additionally transported to your parents through the crate at the top of each morning. 
We all know quite well that death, hell and the grave is no longer our reality since we were born into God's Holy Kingdom. 

But neither is...

and every other dark kingdom state of condition!
Why, oh why do we accept these when we are citizens of a HOLY KINGDOM that says we are FREE from them all!