​A Message From Paula:

It used to be that no matter what I did, there were walls barricading me. I didn't understand the workings of the dark kingdom. Yes, I knew there was a devil and demons, but was clueless that they were organized and tactical.  The dark kingdom is invisible so if it's out of sight, it's out of mind, right? Wrong. My mind (and spirit) sensed the invisible cohorts surrounding me with every endeavor of my life. They influenced whoever they could to ensure my defeat in any given situation. For example, after taking a job strictly because I was told by the GM that I'd get at least 35 hours, I never saw more than 20/hrs/wk in over two months. I left the job to pursue a full time work elsewhere and filed for unemployment to hold me off til I found a new position. At the hearing, the GM blatantly lied declaring she NEVER promises any employees 35 hours. I was so shocked and I outlined the very location and moment where she very plainly responded to my query about full time with "The best I can do is 35 hours"... but she played dumb. It was so obvious she was lying - everyone in the room knew it. I could see that even the magistrate believed I was telling the truth by his countenance and reaction. Yet, he sided with her and I was denied unemployment compensation. THIS was how things ALWAYS went for me.  Another time I was sued and though we proved our case plainly, once again, the magistrate sided with the evil-doers. I even called the magistrate and spoke directly with him asking how he could make such a judgment based on the facts and without shame he boldly proclaimed, "Because I can!". 

It was the same in all areas of my life but most obvious with my finances. I was always as hard working and reliable as the next guy but things would NEVER work out in my favor.  Yet I was a Christian that was highly favored? No, I wasn't seeing that. 

Long story short, God revealed the mastermind kingpin behind these dark clouds as the spirit of python in September 2009 - after I'd reached my end.  But my biggest question at the time was how the spirit of python had any access to me since I belonged to God. I thought I was supposed to be protected from the enemy. How could python legally do anything to interfere with my life?

So God opened my eyes and I began to understand. The bottom line was even though I was God's, I WAS OPERATING OUT OF FAITH IN DARKNESS and thereby giving the spirit of python a grand platform! Though I knew many truths of God in my mind and believed them with all my heart, my soul was locked in chains of doubt, abandonment, and confidence in the injustice I'd always known. So, this means I was divided and double minded - and we know what the Bible says about that. Yes, I was saved, but Jesus is the way and the truth and the life so alignment with THAT is what's our protection. When your soul is insecure and feels abandoned (subconsciously) by God, you aren't fully believing in His ways, His truths, and His life - which is eternal abundant, powerful, and infinite. And your manifest reality always reflects what you believe.

There's a LOT that went into getting this across to me - many lessons. But today, the enemy doesn't score against me like he used to! I've become so much more one with THE TRUTH that python's platform has shrunk incredibly. Oh, he's always out there. He still has specific demons hard at work looking for ways to gain ground in my life again. But once you know what I know, their efforts are futile. Bottom line is my rejection of the lies that operated in my depths is what's defeated the enemy. So now the roles are reversed and python's the one stumped.


​I'm excited to report that injustices aren't my middle name any more. I'm no longer depressed, bed ridden, or suicidal - and haven't been since 2009!  And my finances are finally stable and we're even prospering!

I'm a published author and have sold several thousand books/ebooks over the past five years. If python still had dominion over my life YOU WOULD NOT BE HERE READING MY INFORMATION AND GETTING FREE YOURSELF!  He would have interfered with success of my site and your finding it. In fact, you found it because you have been persistent out of the faith you do have that God is for you.

I'm also a freelance photographer. You can see my work at my Studio Paula Photography facebook page Studio Paula Photography. Please Like my page but don't ask me to do any sessions as I'm taking 2018 off from my photography business.
Last but not least, my husband and I have an online business. We sell business training products online and currently make up to $1,250 in commissions per sale. 

Most of you that come here have been trapped financially like I was, so one way I want to help the people that reach out to me through this website is by helping them to prosper, too. Do me a favor and let me tell you more about this company. It's NOT MLM or a get rich quick scheme. This business requires commitment to training and promoting the products. So if you might be interested, sign up in the form and you'll start getting emails straight from me and Michael re: the business. And you can email me directly at paula@cybermarketingcapital.com to let me know you signed up from this python site.

In addition to signing up to find out more, I'd appreciate if you'd listen to this man's testimony. He was on the verge of suicide but has defeated the enemy that sought to destroy him!  

I'm working on building an entirely new website that takes the emphasis off of the spirit of python and onto Christ. No, I'll never take this site down because unveiling python and his tactics is imperative. But my point is the new site will revolve around the lessons I learned that made me MORE ONE WITH JESUS which is why I am now FREE from the dominion of darkness.  I even plan to do webinars down the road for people that reach out to me here concerning the hold the spirit of python has over them. But I'm still learning how to do all that from my new business so hopefully I'll be doing them by summer 2018.

I hope this website and my books are powerful resources to helping you come into YOUR DESTINY AND FREEDOM from darkness. I'm doing my best to help whoever I can. Just please tap into all the information I've recorded at this site on the home page, the info page and my books. 

Blessings to you,
Paula Cross