Have You Always Been Financially Stifled?
You May Be One Of My Prospects

Without fail, the majority of people that email Paula Cross in reference to her teachings on the spirit of python say the same thing - almost verbatim:

                    "Everything you say on your site describes me!"

And it almost always includes them being financially oppressed by peculiar, invisible forces. 

If you've read through the site and The Spirit Of Python Unveiled, you know well that Paula spent the majority of her life, though a follower of Christ, followed by dark clouds that literally interfered with her life circumstances and financial well-being. She was trapped on welfare and no matter what she'd try, she could not get off because the dark kingdom was required to prevent her.

This is because the call on Paula to thrive in her Lord Jesus Christ and His Authority had to be stifled. Her demons saw the angels assigned to her at her birth. So they knew they had to inundate her with defeat in all walks of life - including her financial well-being. So every effort she made, they interfered with.

But Paula had become the property of Christ in 1988 when she received Him as Lord and Savior. How is it they could interfere from that moment forward?

That was her question for years as well!

The spirit of python was able to still interfere because, though Paula mentally embraced the teachings and truths of God and His Word with all her heart (including that God loved her and was for her), she subconsciously felt abandoned. Her deep inner core did not trust God was REALLY there for her.  Her subconscious did not comprehend that God was sincerely and passionately in love with her!  Paula believed God and His promises at the surface, but her soul was locked in a perspective of doubt. She was, unwittingly, DOUBLE-MINDED.

As Paula teaches, when we doubt God even subconsciously, this is thereby BELIEF IN THE DARK KINGDOM. You see, this was the very plan and strategy of the dark kingdom. They knew if they could manipulate Paula from her birth into expecting to always feeling abandoned, violated, let down, disappointed, hurt, abused, invaluable, powerless, hopeless... then they would control her through her soul even after she gave her life to Christ. They'll know when she asks Jesus to reign in her that she'll mean it with all her heart - but not with all her soul. They knew if they could train her that God will never show up for her, then even when she begins to follow him, she'll have this hidden doubt. And that this would be THEIR LEGAL ACCESS TO HER. So, because Paula was born into a household / family line that the dark kingdom had dominion over, they had legal rights throughout her youth to continually assault her, oppress her, arrange circumstances of abuse and violation where there was never a God that would stop any of it from happening.


Why did God allow the dark kingdom to toss Paula around like a rag doll? Well, God is the one that set the rules into place. If sins of the father are passed down even to the fourth generation, why shouldn't their demons also? It's just how it is. This world is full of dark powers. If they have legal rights via people's submission to their rule and policies and never opt out through Jesus, then the innocent children born to those people suffer for it.

BUT God was there, nonetheless. He stopped Paula from committing suicide. Her angels assisted her whenever they could legally step in on a matter. They put certain people in her life at just the right time that gave her a sense of hope and value - just enough to keep her going. And they never gave up putting the TRUTH in front of her - so that she'd finally see it and choose Christ.

Choosing Christ was the biggest step. Once she'd do that, the Lord could work with her to help her come out of doubt. And that's what He did. Unfortunately, for the decades that she continued to doubt the Lord subconsciously, those dark powers had the ability to continue their shenanigans.

What's amazing is Paula was getting a profound education on the workings of the dark kingdom and this would be how God would score triple time against the devil. 


1987 to 1997 - Paula was trapped on welfare
1997 to 2007 - Paula was finally off of welfare but on a financial roller coaster. Between hers and her husband's incomes, things would be stable for a season and then the carpet would be pulled out from beneath them.
2007  to 2017 - Paula began seeing doors open with her efforts and seeing fruit. She began being blessed as a freelance photographer and found a measure of success for the first time in her life. In 2010 she was directed to begin writing the spirit of python books which, too, have been quite successful. Though neither of these have yielded substantial income, these were the first experiences Paula had where she took steps towards something and wasn't barricaded.
2017 to 2027 - Paula and her husband began an online business that, by mid 2018, will be paying them between $10,000 and $30,000 per month. 

If you noticed the banner ads on her home page and the python info page, that's the business they are affiliates for. It's a high ticket commissions business where we advertise for the company and the company conducts the sales, merchant hosting, product fulfillment, returns, etc., but we get paid 30%, 50% and even 90% of commissions that range between $1,250 and $10,000 per sale. 


I was and am extremely impressed with the company - most specifically because a part of their program is very much in line with what I teach people in my ministry. I am not in love with every single aspect of the company but the bottom line is excellent. Plus, the product line revolves around business training so I'm actually getting a business marketing education - to sell business marketing education!  It's a Win/Win situation!


Like I said, most everyone that reaches out to me is like I was - financially stifled by dark forces. My passion is to not only teach people why python gets away with stifling people of God, but to ALSO see them walk in true freedom. 


I want to work with my ministry subscribers and train them to come out of agreement with darkness and into alignment with TRUTH and their destiny. I have seen (personally) that the only way I can succeed at this online business is by APPLYING MY VERY OWN  MINISTRY TEACHINGS. So what I will do for anyone that also becomes an affiliate, I will personally work with them along their journey ensuring their success. So long as they are teachable and apply what they're taught, they'll succeed. The bottom line to freedom from python is by applying what I teach - doing what I did. Thus far, I have not been able to get involved with the people closely enough to see if they are applying the truths I taught them. So I have no idea how they're doing once we're done communicating. And it's impossible for me to touch base and follow up with everyone - there's just too many of you.


I'm looking for people like me - who are hard workers, teachable and determined to be all they can in Christ - who also have dark interference trying to stop them. I want to teach them first hand through this business HOW TO OVERCOME THE ENEMY'S TACTICS!

I've been seeing FIRST HAND the strategies my assigned demons have implemented trying to thwart my success with this company.  It's been a battle. But I know that the victory is mine and I am called by God to use this business to help my brothers and sisters in Christ.


Please fill out my form below to start getting my business emails but ALSO personally email me at paula@cybermarketingcapital.com and tell me you are one of my spirit of python students. That's the only way I'll know to personally get involved with your journey. I won't be doing this for everyone - just subscribers from this website. The reason I will do this is because I know your invisible enemies.