The Spirit of Python is Hereby Exposed!

           He doesn't always, but when the Spirit of Python has prominent ground in anyone's life, including and especially the born again believer's, he is successful at:

   a) keeping us from praying and worshiping

  b) putting out our fire for God

  c) luring us into isolation 

  d) causing us to 'feel' hopeless and defeated

  e) trapping us in poverty or hindering us from prospering

  f) luring us into self destructive behaviors or lifestyles - suicide

  g) causing us to doubt or not comprehend God's personal love for us

  h) causing us to doubt the Word of God and the promises He has for us

  i) causing us to be ineffective for Christ - loss of anointing

  j) keeping us going in circles, getting nowhere with life

  k) causing us to feel lethargic, indifferent, and apathetic about life or God

  l) causing us to always feel rejected and violated, etc.

  m) causing us to feel small, inadequate, incapable, inferior, insecure

  n) causing us to walk by fear and not by faith, leaning on our own understanding

  o) causing divisions in the body of Christ and marriages

  p) thwarting or delaying us from walking in our purpose and call

  q) dominating us via the hurts, bitterness, and pain that he heaped on us

  r) keeping us wrapped up in our problems and less attentive to others

  s) convincing us that God doesn't care or that it's His will our lives are a mess

  t) etc.

Is this the story of your life?  If yes, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  God bought you with a heavy price and delivered you from all of the above!  It's time you come into your inheritance and put the spirit of python OUT of your life once and for all!

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"KEYS To A Life Transformed"  - 32 pages 

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This booklet contains several simple but powerful keys that help believers align with truth - which is what helps us to overcome defeat and despair.

     It's intentionally brief but is a power-packed compilation of Biblical truths that the devil veils so that he can continue ruling us even after we are born again.  It took Paula over twenty years of struggles to learn what it takes to come out of the devil's grip.  These points were not laid out for her from behind the pulpit or by any ministry directly but from personal revelation and experience.  She concisely packaged what she learned in this brief manuscript to help others. Paula wishes she would have had access to such a simple overview like this one twenty years ago. It may have spared her much undo pain and adversity.


  • Who/What is the spirit of python
  • Symptoms of spirit of python dominion
  • Who is most targeted and why
  • Strategies and tactics used by this spirit
Learn the keys to overcome!
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     Paula Cross was unwittingly dominated by the spirit of python for decades! But, the Lord walked her out of the grip of Python step by step. This site is dedicated to thoroughly unveiling python while Paula's books deliver her journey out of the spirit of python's power and the truths of God that made it possible. Though we're believers in the Almighty and beneficiaries of all God offers, many of us are wrongfully controlled by darkness. Paula teaches why this is. Start with reading this whole page and then reviewing the Python Info page here at this site to get insight on: